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Posted OnMay 21, 2015 0

“Don’t settle: Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.”

― Chris Brogan

Reflecting on marketing I started by reading, “Understanding digital content marketing” by Jennifer Rowley on ebscohost and watching “Online Marketing Fundamentals” with Lorrie Thomas Ross on, where I learned how to market by using my social media sites and my websites to market my services to potential clients. The information from Digital Marketing has help me to understand marketing techniques to promote my music production business by presenting me with tools that I can use that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Social Media, Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.


So far I have started to work on my Digital Marketing Plan and Digital Marketing Canvas to outline my industry and project the next 3-5 years to see how this will affect my business and marketing decisions, and the class discussions have been very informative as to searching other companies in my field and how they make use of social media to promote their brand. I have found this to be useful to my business, and I have been applying it in my marketing efforts.


Since this is only my second week in the Digital Marketing class I have more to learn, but so far I have been learning a great deal about marketing online. As for my Digital Marketing Plan I have worked on Situation Analysis and Campaign Pre-Planning where I am defining my Campaign Budget, and creating an objective statement, setting goals, and key performance indicators to measure the success in accomplishing my goals and what value I offer my customers.


With the materials I have learned in this class I plan to make use in my business and in promoting my brand to music supervisors, publishers and game designers who seek instrumental music for TV Shows, Films and corporate situations, and offer my services to Vocal and Rap artist in need of professional quality Instrumentals for their next project. I find this class to be a great motivator for me in the music industry.