What makes you unique?

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What makes you unique?

Posted OnMay 10, 2015 0

Maybe you’re an engineer with great people skills or a marketing exec who knows accounting.” What does this statement truly mean? Why is it important to have accounting skills as a marketing exec? After all, isn’t the main function of a marketing exec creativity and development and not accounting?

I’m thinking this statement means that if you have a special skill you need to focus on it in order to build your personal brand and to have a focus on what you want your career to be, this way when employers or others do a search for you they will see what you as your brand. Promote what makes you unique and good at what you do in your field. Marketing executives need to know accounting in order to read regional sales figures and analyze demographics this way they can drive demand for the products they market. Many marketing executives may have experience in statistics, advertising, and finance, are creative, so it is important for you to have some accounting skills that will help you to market products and people.

The article stated “Actively promoting the brand you’d like to be can help you get your name on the radar of industry leaders and advance your career.” Based on the previous question, what types of things might make your brand something that would show up on the radar of others in the industry.

The types of things that can put you on the radar of leaders in the industry of your choice would be being able to deliver projects on time, creativity and having a professional business sense, a passion for the work you do. Being a ruthless self-promoter and putting your brand out there showing that you can provide the benefits that any potential clients will also help to get you on their radar. By having an appealing website where you highlight your skills, capabilities and any work you’ve done in the past, and showing that you have the proper tools to get the job done will also put you on the radar in the your industry. I believe that you have to actively promote yourself in order to get noticed by the industry.

As we all spend more time online and become more connected, the process of personal branding should become easier. Do you agree with that perspective? Why or why not?

I agree that the process of personal branding would be easier to get connected to more people and increase more opportunities for our brand, because with more people getting connected to the World Wide Web the chances of our personal brand being found increases, and we have the opportunity to connect with more people. Also we can show potential clients the tools we use to promote ourselves to the world and be available to use all the new programs to help us to achieve the goals for your brand.